Thursday, March 24, 2011

so long sickness

Well it is a cold morning in the bluegrass. I don't know what happened to the spring temps, hope they'll be back soon. No sickness episodes have occurred in a couple of days and the girls are playing as if they are all better today.  Crossing my fingers that we're past this now.  Getting the rest of the cleaning done today. The schedule is out the window for the week, but that is okay, I am just thankful we are all better. 

On a side note, the illness has given me a jump-start on the weight loss and I'm down 3 lbs. The fasting is going well too, we're praying for the people in our home fellowship group during the time we would normally eat dessert. The thing is, I'm not really missing dessert and I'm loving the family prayer time. God is faithful.

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