Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night, among other things, Andy and I talked about my schedule. How I need help determining what needs to get done and what I want to get done.  Sometimes it is hard for me to tell the difference in the two.  I'm thankful he listened and that we'll talk more on the subject.  It will be hard for me to reset some things on my agenda but necessary. 

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  1. girl i'm right there with you!! i get so overwhelmed & all i feel i end up doing is procrastinating more & more sometimes! and the more kids you have the harder I feel it gets! i just ordered "managers of their homes"--from titus2 ministry (several of my friends have used that & the chore book they have) and i'm hoping it will help me get more organized. i've made schedules often, but i find i am terrible at sticking to them. but i think i really need to in order to feel i can get anything accomplished! let me know if you find something that works for you : )


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