Friday, February 25, 2011

leaky roof

We have a leak ... in the guest bedroom closet which is empty but still such a hassle to deal with water coming into the house. Our old house had 2 floods in the basement before we installed the B-Dry system - never flooded again after that. I don't know if they make B-Dry for roof tops but we are looking into it. :)  I'm so thankful for Andy and his patience with such matters. He is good for me.

Oh yeah, yesterday went well with the girls. I moved their dollhouse from the bedroom to the living room and traded some other toys around.  It was a golden idea.


  1. Leaks in the roof are normal especially during a sudden change of weather. For example, it rained today, and then, the weather is extremely hot the next morning. That being said, this could cause the tar of the roof to sag and run, thus making the roof become brittle faster, which causes for it to crack and split.

    Rodney Orton

  2. It was actually some poorly installed shingles or flashing or something of that nature, which was easily repaired. Thankfully, we haven't had any problems since.


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