Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fancy dinner

Last night Andy took me out for Valentine's dinner. He chose Guisepe's a nice Italian restaurant here in town. Before we got in the door, we helped a lady push her car back into a parking spot along with two other couples (none of us had pushed a Mercedes before).  Andy was able to give her his card and went back to check on her-a friend was on the way.  Then, we had a delicious meal - crab cakes, salad, scallops over linguine.  We were going to go to the furniture store but it was closed, so Andy filled up the van for me and we went home.  The girls were still up, which was nice and Andy scraped snow off his mom's car. Grandparents are such a blessing to babysit in a pinch, especially when your regular sitters are sick or busy.
It was a lovely night out-I'm blessed to have a husband that takes such good care of me (and others).

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