Monday, March 4, 2013

Living free

The retreat was wonderful. It was so good being with friends who are like sisters.  Some of the main take always for me from this year's retreat were: women have an inordinate desire for men because of the curse in Genesis,  whatever we to should be to the glory of God, else it is bondage,  and God gives us all things to enjoy, but don't get caught up in living to those things.  There is a real freedom that comes when I don't look to Andy for affirmation of myself, but can find my wholeness  in Jesus. I'm sure it is freeing for him as well if I am confident in The Lord and not looking to him to fill a need that he wasn't designed to fill.  It was a refreshing look at the women in the book of John and see Jesus' interactions with them from the Samaritan woman, the adulteress, Mary (Martha's sister) to the women at the crucifixion. He knew them, forgave them, didn't condemn them and loved them.  Quite arevolutionary for women to be treated in that day as well as now! Blessings.

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