Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gall bladder recovery

Today, I am posting late because I drove to my mom's house.  She had gall bladder surgery yesterday and is recovering today.  I thought the girls and I would be a good distraction I mean help to her.  However, on our way to her house, she had an allergic reaction to the medication she is on and she had another episode of her face getting a rash and becoming flushed since we arrived even though she had no additional meds since this morning.  My best guess was that the medicine is time released and she had another breakout once the medicine released again.  After calling the pharmacist and physician, she is managing her pain with Tylenol and Advil.  So far, it has been okay, but if her pain should worsen, the doctor will call in another drug for her. Thank you all for your prayers in this situation.  Please pray that the pain can be managed with the OTC drugs and that there will be no other complications with the meds.  Blessings

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