Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas "cheer"

Poor Mollie got sick Christmas night at 1 a.m. and continued to get sick each hour save one. It made for a long night for Andy and I as well.  At least she got to enjoy Christmas, opening presents and playing with her toys before the yucks started.  We cut our trip short at Andy's sister's house and came home.  She did get sick once in the car and Betsy had a blowout diaper just as we got home.  But after a good night's sleep, both are playing happily this morning.  Praise the Lord. 

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  1. oh girl i feel ya! we've had many a christmas sickness in our home! i don't know if you remember when reed was 2, emery-claire was like 6 months and i was pregnant with mary etta---reed had rotavirus and eventually was admitted into children's hospital in knox. it was awful! all while traveling and out of town! i think the next year i had strep throat and mary etta had fever and my nephew was in hospital for RSV! i think last year someone was sick too! this year we've all been in the clear--thank goodness! but throw up stuff is definitely the worst! hope no one else gets it and you still had a merry christmas!