Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, I must say that I am a little overwhelmed after looking at some other blogs and seeing what folks are doing with their two year olds. Amazed really.  I think I'm going to stick to my plan though and not have too much emphasis on "school" and keep things fun.  It would be easy to get sucked in to doing too much and that is not my goal (for the girls or myself).  In fact, I went to the parent teacher store yesterday with the girls and Mollie said, "I am so impressed."  Me too-it's a great store, lots of activities and games, posters and charts etc. I was overwhelmed just looking at the calendar area.  Trying to keep things real at the Martin house, real fun.  Blessings.

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  1. yes i would totally say play and have fun right now! reading lots of books! there is plenty of time for "school" down the road---i think it's just fine to soak in and enjoy the ages of almost 3 and 1 1/2 years : ) before you know it it will be time for school---so enjoy this season before it too quickly passes friend! let's get our girls together soon : )


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