Thursday, December 4, 2014

First cold of the season

Poor Mollie, she has been suffering with a cold for a week!  I felt terrible on Monday when I took her to the doctor with severe double ear infections and a cough to beat the band! Betsy and the cousins seemed to be getting better, so we did take her to urgent care on Sunday. I am so thankful they started her on a round of antibiotics Sunday, I hate to think what her little ear drums would have looked like on Monday had they not.  Yikes! We went back to the doctor today for a follow-up, this cough is persistent and the ear drums still have some fluid behind them.  Hopefully this 10-day antibiotic will nip this in the bud, and we can get back to life as normal. The doctor cautioned me about re-entering our schedule too soon to avoid a set back at Christmas.  So, we will be at home, recuperating, watching Christmas movies, drinking cocoa, and getting healthy.  Blessings.

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