Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pioneer Woman

Lexington has hosted a food show for the past few years. Andy took me 3 years ago to see Bobby Flay, who was wonderful. But this year the "star" chef was Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman. I am a fan of her show, blog, book, and recipes. Needless to say, moths ago, when The food show announced that she would be there, I called Andy right away to see if we could get tickets.  He said yes! (I just love him to pieces.) He also found out the girls would be free, so we went as a family. What a great outing.  Lots of samples, good food, and friends. The girls, Andy and I enjoyed watching Ree cook live and listening to her stories. I think it's great that a home cook from the middle of Oklahoma has made such an impact in the cooking industry.  She is an inspiration to all us "regular  folk." Blessings

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