Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Short update

It seems as if I am not able to get in a good flow of writing on the blog these. Days.  We went with the son light program for homeschooling Mollie this year and love it.  We are doing weekly library visits, spending time with friends and family, taking trips and loving each other.  We are contemplating adoption as a way to grow our family. We have only one house guest, three single young ladies from church just move out a week ago.  It was fun having their youthful exuberant selves here.  Our other guest will be leaving in a month or two. It already seems empty after having so many with us. 
Fantasy football was a bust.  I am still in the weight loss battle albeit slow. Mollie is learning to read and does great with the Bob books.  Betsy is learning her letters. Andy loves his job and we are looking forward to a smoky mountain vacation in a few weeks with his family.  Blessings

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