Friday, January 20, 2012

public rr

Today the girls and I are running some errands.  You can be sure I don't want a repeat of a couple of weeks ago, so Mollie will be making more than one potty break.  Poor thing. I know she hates using public restrooms.  Toilets too loud and most flush automatically, the hand dryers are beyond loud, sometimes they're dirty and poor Betsy has no place to stay when we are all in the stall.  Yeah, I'm not a big fan either but it is better than dealing with a dirty car seat!  Blessings. 


  1. i often carry my little potty in the car and make them pee in that! i detest public rr! we do have to use them from time to time but if i can avoid i do! i've heard friends say even their older children use the little potty--ha! so at least i know i'm not the only one crouching down in my van while a child pees : )

    1. Great idea, she made it today w/o going while we were out. I asked her several times though if she needed to and we were not out as long as I thought. I sure didn't want any repeat accidents. I also made her go right before getting in the car. All in all, a good day. Like your potty tip, may have to do that as well.