Saturday, January 7, 2012

the carseat

Mollie had an accident in her car seat yesterday. Really, it was my fault - I forgot to ask her if she needed to go potty at the library and again at the store.  Poor thing.  The problem was not the accident, but the clean up.  I could not get the seat cover off.  I called Andy crying.  He gave me some tips (b/c he normally does these kinds of jobs).  I did not respond well. I was frustrated and angry with myself for forgetting to ask her to go, for having difficulty with removing the cover,c and for being mad at myself.  I have a lot to learn about grace.  I finally was able to get it off and washed, cleaned the mat under the seat and the seat in the van.  Andy came home with a latte for me (sweet man) and I let him put the whole thing back together.  God is faithful.  God is good.  These things happen (thankfully not too often) and they're not a measure of my being a good mother.  Prayer is wonderful, too bad I didn't pray sooner, maybe it would have saved me a headache.  I am learning to rely on God in all situations.  Learning and growing.


  1. oh girl i can so relate! sounds like my days often : ) thankful for sweet and patient husbands for sure! would love to have some sweet play and fellowship with you and your girls soon! we've missed seeing you all! send me a message and let me know what works for you! thurs. is day i have just girls so that is my preference if it works for you. talk soon!

  2. I'm terrible at figuring out how those carseats (and similar things) come apart and go back together. Alan is gracious to do those kinds of things for me.