Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We had such a good day yesterday, celebrating Andy.  It was so fun. Mollie was especially pleased that he loved the hand-prints on the home made card (last week's project) and the gifts that we picked out for him a couple of weeks ago. He enjoyed his omelet breakfast, a free lunch at Gatti-town and a pot-roast dinner with his folks.  He got to help his dad with a radio project and then after the kids went down, we played cards.  The dad's won.  Perfect end to the day. 

It is good to have special days on the calendar built in to remind us of the special people in our lives.  I love Andy and am so thankful for him-for his love of Christ, for how he shows love to me and the kids, how he loves his friends and works so hard at his job and around the house. 

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