Friday, May 20, 2011

smoke detector

This morning at 4, the smoke alarm in the girls room starts beeping due to a low battery.  Thankfully, I was the only one that woke up to the noise.  However, I kept waking up to the beeps off and on (I'm sure I slept through some of them) so I was not in the best mood at 6:30. After walking with my friend, and after Andy replaced the batteries in all 9 smoke detectors I am a much happier camper. He also told me that he would have replaced it at 4.  Such a nice guy.  Next time, I might just wake him up.  Too bad, he had to get the extension ladder due to the vaulted ceiling in the pink room.  Since these batteries expired in 2008, my guess is that they won't need to be replaced for a while.  :)  Blessings - and if you've not done so in a while you might consider replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms. 

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