Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sleeping beauties

Andy helped me (and Betsy) see that the goal isn't necessarily for her to sleep all night long, but for her to get up and down without waking us or her sister.  That is a better goal for sure.  The monitor is still out of the girl's room.  During the first few days, I would hear Betsy crying after getting up for a drink or to go potty.  She even came to our door a few times to request assistance to get back in her bed.  Poor thing, she was paralyzed by her fears.  The girls have a rather large night light, but she would say she was scared of the dark.  Once, I talked her through getting back in her bed from my door.  Then, I immediately walked down the hall to praise her just after she had tucked herself in bed.  She has cried a few times to gather up her courage to cross the hall and get back to bed, but I'm hearing her cries less as the weeks go on.  She is gaining courage.  She is conquering her fears. She may be sleeping through the night, I know that I am. Blessings.

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