Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Amazing mouth

Mollie fell off of a swing on a weekend trip to Gatlinburg last week. It was quite a scary experience for all of us. She was swinging on her tummy then somehow managed to lose track of the swing and face planted in the dirt.  Her teeth bit deep into her bottom lip, thankfully not through it. In just over a week, the lip is all but healed.  I'm so thankful that she wasn't hurt any worse, that grandma was present and reassured Andy and myself that stitches aren't given for interior lip wounds, that auntie k was there with a water bottle, wipes and went for ice, uncle d was keeping all the kids happy, that uncle dr returned my call quickly and his mom (pediatric nurse) took Andy's call.  We are blessed with an amazing family.  Especially in an emergency. Blessings.

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