Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 5 rainy day activities for the girls

I don't mind spring rains too much, but it does put a damper on our ability to get outside and play.  Though the girls love to splash around in puddles and dance under their umbrellas when there is no thunder.  Indoors though I have some ideas that we mostly do on rainy days, but they would be fine for anytime.
1. A picnic lunch. With or without a video, the girls love it when we eat on a blanket in the living room floor.
2. Puzzles, cards and board games.
3. Play-doh and finger painting.  We rarely get this stuff out, but the girls really enjoy it when we do.
4. Bike riding in the garage.  I back the van to the driveway and let them burn off some steam.
5. Chores - nothing like setting them free with a dust rag, Shaklee window or all purpose cleaner to get the smears off windows, walls and floors.

Hope you get an idea or two of how to spend a wet afternoon with your kiddos.  Blessings

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