Monday, December 17, 2012

stole the show

Mollie stole the show.  On Friday night, she marched around the stage on her tip toes, paused at the front of the stage and gave a glowing smile.  She won the crowd over with that pass.  I heard them from the side of the stage.  I couldn't see her and didn't know it was her until after the performance.  We were talking at home, Oma said that she'd heard that she stole the show.  Mollie looked worried and said that she did not steal the show.  We took a few minutes to explain the saying to her, but I think she understood.  Saturday's performance went without a hitch.  I was sitting in the audience, watching for her.  She did another great job.  Her class even remembered to "fly, fly, scoop, spin." She and her classmates forgot that part on Friday.  Oh well, no one knew or noticed, we were all happy to see our little girls on stage. Blessings.

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