Monday, September 3, 2012

Hop town

We just got back in from a trip to Western Ky visiting with Andy's grandparents.  We got to stay at a hotel - the highlight of the trip for the girls - especially swimming in the pool with grandma (Andy's mom).  Mollie described her experience in the hot tub as being warm and cozy just like her blanket in her bed.  The highlight for me (and the rest of the family, I think) was watching Betsy engage Grandpa with the ball.  She was doing a great job catching the ball with a squeal and throwing it back or sometimes handing it to him.  Smiles all around. We had a nice visit.  I am hopeful that the girls remember these days, even if they don't, spending time with their great grandparents builds them up in ways that we can't. Blessings.

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