Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last night we attended a graduation of sorts for Andy's dad.  He completed a 12 week course with the Citinzen's Police Academy Alumni Association.  It was fun to see the comradery of those in the force as well as those completing the course.  They really are Lexington's finest.  The course is designed for citizens to become more familiar with the police force and the different departments and their respective responsibilities.  I think Andy would love to do it as well.  We had a nice time with Baba, Grandma, and a host of other folks.  A pot luck dinner was served, which was a double bonus for me.  I made mac and cheese and got an amazing dinner for my family. The highlight of the food table was a cake in the shape of hand cuffs.  It was really funny.   :)  Blessings.

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