Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my covering

A special thanks to Andy, my spiritual covering, for helping me get the day started on the right foot.  He prayed for me before leaving for work yesterday, that I would trust God and not try to do things in my own strength.  It was a timely word for me. The girls have been sick, again (vomiting etc.) and I tend to get overwhelmed at the whole process of dealing with the illnesses and extra work it creates as well as being compassionate to them.  But, everything that needed to get done got done. Andy showed up with flowers in addition to the pedialyte on his grocery run before heading into work, and he brought home dinner to boot. I am spoiled.  God is good. The girls didn't have any more vomiting since the early Tuesday morning and the day went much better than I expected. Looking forward to a new day, covered in prayer, covered in love, covered in hope and joy.  Blessings.

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