Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas symbols

Well the house is decorated, though I didn't put up all that I normally do, not wanting to make it too cluttered for showing or to have to pack it all back up for moving if it comes to that. :)  It looks nice. It will be a challenge for 2 little ones not to touch it (much), but I did leave a basket of Christmasy things for them to play with as part of the decor. I was reading yesterday about all of the symbols of Christmas and how they point to Christ, it is a good way to teach little ones about Jesus and be ever mindful of him.
Tree-evergreen and branches pointing heavenward  = God's constant love/life; look to him
Lights-Jesus = light of the world
Star-star of Bethlehem = God's guidance
Holly-crown of thorns = Jesus suffering
Candy cane-shape of shepherd's crook/J = Jesus caring for us
Even the colors of Christmas remind us of Jesus: red=his blood, white=his purity, green=everlasting life

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